Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

So pleased that last week’s Prayer Letter “Struck a chord”.

I want to encourage you again this week.

Following a conversation with a friend in Church last Sunday; I was reminded of a Prayer Meeting, very many years ago. It was held in a now – not used Police House in Surrey. One of the Officers there had very little time to live and it was decided that we should meet at his place of work; to Pray for him/Family and Colleagues.

A number of us had arrived and settled into comfortable chairs. The door very slowly opened. A woman cautiously popped her head around the corner. “Is this where the Prayer Meeting is being held?” We said “Yes” and encouraged her to join us.

Is it Ok for me to be here, I am only the Cleaner?”.

Over the years since then I have got to know this person quite well. A strong Christian. But on that day – “I am only the Cleaner”.

I often hear the words “Only” and “Just” from Christians. In other words, “Am I Qualified?”.

“Give thanks to the Father, who has qualified you through Jesus Christ His Son”. Colossians 1.12.

Live in the good of who you are in Him. Please do not deny His Ability in you.

God needs you

Together in Christ