Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well.

Very many thanks for your responses to the recent Prayer Letter.

From time to time, I have a week where the same verse seems to be suitable in every situation that I find myself.

Since just under a week ago, one verse has been with me and I have shared it with a number of people, including Police Officers and Staff, mainly when Praying for them.

As I think about that verse, I guess what I have just said is totally true. It does fit every situation.

Even yesterday when I visited a very sick; very close friend, I shared it with her.  Her Husband and Daughter being at her bedside, with me. I received a text at midnight last night, (8 hours later), she had just gone to Glory, a merciful release for her.

The verse has appeared in many of the Prayer Letters including one from Simon a few weeks ago.

              “Be still and know that I am God”. Psalm 46.10.

I proclaim over you, “Be Still and know that I am God”.

Spend time to allow this statement to settle in your heart and head.

God Bless

In Him