Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Thank you, Simon, for holding the fort last week for me whilst I spent Celebration Times with my family. Hopefully a number of you will be able to act upon Simon’s request for help and also enjoyment at “The Big Church Festival”.

I regularly attend CPA Prayer Meetings during the week with Officers and Members of Staff both in and outside Surrey Police.

In one such Meeting, we had our usual chat and catch up. Then chose to Pray. I didn’t close my eyes at that point, in hindsight I knew that God had something for me to “experience” and share with others in our group and now with you.

One of our Officers started to Pray. I know that this person had been rushing. Had had much on their shoulders to handle but was determined to take time out for Prayer. As the first words came out in a greeting to Our Lord, I heard/saw a sigh and this person’s shoulders dropped into a relaxed position. This Officer just showed by their body language, that there was no demand on their time at that moment, they were coming to their Heavenly Father. They didn’t have to be on the ball, they didn’t have to be perfect.

They were in the presence of Someone who totally loved them and accepted them.

This picture so encouraged me. We can come no matter how we feel before our Heavenly Father, not even knowing what we are going to say. He is there for us and wants us to chat with Him more than we can imagine.

Take my yoke upon you, for my burden is light”. Matt 11. 29-30.

He wants us to be under His Control and Support. Not the kind of pressure that the world demands

In His Hands and Control