Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I trust you are well and able to keep warm!

Request for Prayer last week – “Chris’ op was a success and he very much felt God with him and gave praise afterwards”. Thank You Lord!

Below is a small section of a Letter written by our Chief Constable as a result of the happenings in The Met in the last few days:

“For all officers, staff and volunteers who proudly serve our communities, this will be another difficult time for policing. The public will look to us to reassure them of the efforts we are making to create an environment where abuse is never tolerated, minimised, or excused. We know we haven’t always got this right, but we remain committed to ensuring that Surrey Police is an actively hostile place for perpetrators and championing access to justice for survivors”.

I, like everyone else involved in Policing am horrified by what has happened. 

This is not a picture of the vast majority of Officers and Staff. I know so many of you and am proud and honoured to call you my Brothers and Sisters in The Lord. I know many others through my Chaplaincy work.

Just want to encourage you in the following. Gen: 2.1-3. Mark 6.31.

In six days, God made the Heavens and the Earth. The seventh day – He rested.

Jesus also took time out.

“Come with Me by yourselves And get some rest.

May you know His Rest and physical rest as you face your task of being part of your Family, being a Friend and in your work in The Police. Ready for everything that life throws at you.

In Him

In His Grip