Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I have for almost a fortnight been without my Mobile Phone. Sadly, it became ill and would no longer work.

One of its uses – before I leave home on a Friday travelling to Surrey HQ’s Guildford, to visit as a Chaplain, I check the sat-nav to see if there is a hold up anywhere. The first week without the Phone, yes there was – but I knew nothing about it until I met a very long queue of traffic; due to a road repair issue.

How important it is to know today the best route when travelling. But what of our Life’s Route? Have we a map?

I read last week, how at the age of 23, Bear Grylls became the youngest man to conquer Everest. In his rucksack, the first item he would remove when opening and the last one he packed when closing, was a small scrap of paper, on which was written:

Psalm 31, 3-5

Be my safe leader
Be my true mountain guide
Free me from hidden traps
I want to hide in you

I’ve put my life in your hands
You won’t drop me
You’ll never let me down”

Many of you have referred to a Greeting I leave with you often.

“In His Grip”

Bear Grylls wrote that. I wonder if he was quoting the last but one line above?

Many Blessings as you walk with Him in safety this week.