Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I want to share this “Special Moment” I experienced a few weeks ago. I was involved in a Police Zoom Prayer Meeting; with two friends I have never met. “Oh, the Blessings of Zoom!”. As we ended our time of Prayer together, “R” said she wanted to encourage us.

R told us that she had become very concerned about a neighbour who was quite ill and wanted to share with neighbours around her; how she felt the need; that everyone should Pray for this neighbour. Most of these people were not Christians as far as she was aware. R said, “I cannot tell you how backward in coming forward I was on this idea of Praying but eventually”… R contacted a number of her neighbours and said “I will be Praying here at home (giving the time and reason for Praying) and will also be on Zoom. If you want to join me, please do so” and left it at that.

Reply from one neighbour, “I am not religious but I want to be part of this”.

Much to R’s surprise, neighbours joined in on Zoom and others knocked her door and sat with her during this Prayer Time.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to hear this story. I don’t know the details of the actual Prayer Time, but R made that move in Faith and the above happened.

As I thought on the outcome of R’s step of Faith, the following came to me – written by Carol Owens:

God said “Freely, freely you have received
Freely, freely give
Go in my Name and because you believe
Others will know that I live”.

Praying that we all follow R’s leading and encouragement in whatever way God is asking of us.

May we shine for Him this week.