Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

Yes, I have returned. I trust you are all well. Thank you so much, Mike, Simon and Nick for holding The Fort whilst I was away.

I was, as mentioned in my last PL, going to be with my Family at my middle Grandson’s Wedding, which took place in Hertford College in Oxford. Thank you for your Prayers, it was an amazing time. Truly grateful to God in the bringing together; of two strong Christian Families.

I have played for a very large number of Weddings. On this occasion I was asked to witness the signing by the Bride and Groom of their Marriage Certificate. I did this with the Grandmother of the Bride.

Later, as I thought about this action I took, (You may not know that only a specific pen and ink can be used – fountain pen; and no one can photograph the actual signing, it is truly up there when it comes to rules and regulations); the words in 2 Cor: 1. 21-22 came to mind:

He anointed us

Set His Seal of Ownership on us

And put His Spirit in our hearts.

It was pointed out to me on the Wedding Day by my Son in law; Dad of the Groom, that the signing I did that day will go down through the generations and no one can change it.

How much more the “Seal of Ownership” is spoken over us today, by our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord and no one and nothing can change that.


In His Name.

Held by Him forever.