Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

I trust you are well.

I have during this last week been in touch with the ACC of Essex Police. As in all tragedies, eventually the horror of the happening slowly drops out of the News Headlines. The ACC said that they were looking after each other and their Police Chaplains were playing a big part in their care. Please join me in continuing to Pray for the large Team in Essex, continuing to identify people who lost their lives. Also, the investigations that will follow, that justice will be brought to bear.

On Sunday one of our Church Members told us of a visit to a Portrait Gallery. Paintings of very famous people were hanging there. As he studied them, the word famous played on his mind. “I will never be famous enough to have my portrait hung here”. Then God came into his thinking. “God has a Portrait Gallery and I am in that”.

As Christians we are special in His Eyes.

We sang a Hillsong Chorus later –

“I am chosen not forsaken.
I am who you say I am.
You are for me, not against me.
I am who you say I am”. Ben Fielding.

This song was written after Ben Fielding read John Chapter 8.

May you know the truth, of who you are in Jesus Christ.

God Bless you.
In Him