Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello everyone,

Last week in the Prayer Letter I shared an old Chorus with you.

I stand before the Presence of the Lord God of Hosts”.

My mind has continued to stay in that area ever since.

My week has again been manic for many reasons and I know I need to take time out to renew my strength in the Lord.

I want to encourage you to do that, by sharing another Chorus with you, written by Noel Richards.

 To be in your presence
 To sit at your feet
 Where your love surrounds me
 And makes me complete

  To rest in your presence
  Not rushing away
  To cherish each moment
  Here I would stay

  This is my desire, O Lord
  This is my desire
  This is my desire, O Lord
  This is my desire

May I encourage you to take time out with Him. I know I need to do so.

Many Blessings as you spend time with Him this week.