Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

During the week at some stage, I have a nudge from God, “Here is the basis for this coming week’s Prayer Letter”. It can happen even before the present one hasn’t even left my lap top. This PL is one such case. All I knew was that the Chorus below featured, nothing else came along to go with it. By now I would have written the PL for this coming Friday. It is Wednesday Morning as I write. God knows.

It was late last night when I learned of the serious stabbing that had taken place in the Elmbridge area on a PCSO. Thoughts and Prayers immediately went out to her, family, Colleagues, Emergency Services that dealt with the happening, the MCT where I am a Chaplain who would have been called out. The list includes Insp: Bert Dean who is the Commander there and their Chaplain.

I am leaving with you the Chorus God gave me as stated earlier, it tells us who we are in Him. I am so pleased that at times like this, He cares and I have a place to go, to share with Him my deepest thoughts and sadness.

I stand before the presence of the Lord God of hosts,
a child of my Father and an heir of his grace,
for Jesus paid the debt for me, the veil was torn in two,
and the Holy of Holies has become my dwelling place.

During such times in which we live, please join me in standing in His Presence

I have returned to my lap top and it is now late Wednesday afternoon. Have heard that the PCSO has left hospital and is recovering at home. PRAISE THE LORD                        

We are in His Grip.