Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

A Personal Story of The Unexpected:

Last Sunday, because of an Award I had received from Woking Borough Council last year; I was invited with a Guest – my younger Daughter Rachel; to a Civic Happening in the Town Square in Woking and afterwards for Refreshments at a local Hotel.

This was the occasion of “Giving the Freedom of Woking to all Ranks of the Army Training Centre at Pirbright”. It was a tear-jerking moment as the Military Band marched into the Square followed by many Soldiers. We were amazingly close to them as we sat in the front row.

A Christian Service was held. So good to hear the word of God spoken out in the centre of our Town. We eventually made our way to the Hotel with people I recognised such as our local MP and other Dignitaries. Rachel and I arrived in the Banqueting Suite; many tables were already filling up. We chose to sit on an empty table in the far distance.

Soon we were joined by the Major, who had been in charge of the proceedings in the Square, the one carrying the Ceremonial Sword. His voice filling the Square as he shouted his orders. This time in a normal, friendly voice he said to us, “Hello ladies, please may I join you, my name is James”.

Rachel and I said later how we could hardly believe what happened. Why us?

He stayed with us for the rest of the time, off-loading his life to us and sharing what it was to have held together the Military happening we had just experienced.

In hindsight, I recalled that morning at home; as I do every morning, I had held out my hands to the Lord and said, “My hands are empty Lord, for you to place into them what you want me to do today”.

 My favourite verse also came to mind, Ephesians 2.10:

As His Children, we are created to do good works which He has created in advance for us to do.

What an honour and a privilege had been mine and Rachel’s.

I pray that this coming week, God will surprise you, as He places opportunities into your hands that are totally unexpected.

In His grip.