Prayer Letter from Alice


Hello Everyone,

I trust you have had a wonderful Easter.

A few weeks before Easter I shared with you the story of the Disciples’ walk to Emmaus. Their total loss of all they had known in their lives; by the death of Jesus, but then they discovered in all their despair, He had never really left them.

At the time I encouraged you to be aware that in our deepest moments of difficulty – He is there.

In these last few days, the story of Mary Magdalene has stayed with me. She was the first to go to the tomb where she knew that Jesus had been placed. She had to be near Him. On arrival the stone had been removed. His Body had gone. She wandered near the tomb in the garden, even more at a loss than she was before. She saw a man and asked him; assuming he was the gardener, “What have you done with His Body?” The answer came back: “MARY…”

At that point she realised that this was Jesus speaking to her.

I have in these last few days been placing my name in that story. He knows me by name as he does you. No matter where we find ourselves in today’s world and the horrors in which we walk and of which we are aware, especially within your work, He calls you by name, telling you He is with you.

He is walking with you and calls you by name. He is totally available to you.

Many Blessings