Prayer Letter from Alice



This morning, I was chatting to a Co-Trustee for our local Street Angels. We were about to Interview potential Street Angels. As ever he had brought his faithful dog with him. He told me the following. “I left home just now when I realised on the way, I had forgotten to place my lap top in my ruck sack. I knew I would be late for my appointment here with you if I returned home with my dog, she is now old and slow, so I told her to sit and stay. She sat and watched me as I returned home with her favourite tennis ball in her mouth. At one stage I disappeared from sight. As I returned some – time later, there she was, exactly as I left her”.

As soon as I heard that, the word “TRUST” came to mind. She knew her Master would return.

There has been a time recently when I found it very difficult to believe that God was still there. I had given up talking to the Lord about a specific situation; which I felt was now, a lost cause. He was not listening and He certainly wasn’t answering. BUT He was working on it all the time and surprised me and all was well. I admit, as the outcome to my great concern became known to me – that He had dealt with it – I cried, such a relief. He had never at any stage taken His Hand off that situation I could not control and had no right to do so. He had done it all.

I was given the following verses many years ago, when I faced a big unknown. “Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”. Proverbs: 3. 5-6.

The person who gave me those verses, said, “Lean not unto your own understanding is often overlooked; we tend to only see the other phrases in those verses. Our imagination takes us down unhelpful paths, leave your imagination with God, He is handling it for you”.

Stay safe in Jesus.