Issue 1110 December 2023


Christmas Transformation 2023 – Pete Westlake (Regional Coordinator):

As I began thinking about Christmas, I began to wonder about the transformation that the birth of Jesus brought.

When our first child was born it resulted in huge changes to our life. Despite the planning and parenting courses we’d attended, we weren’t really prepared and as we went from being a couple to a family of three, with responsibilities for a frail and vulnerable baby and our lives were transformed. This is of course the experience of every new parent.

As our daughter matured, just like other parents we would wonder about the adult she would become, the career choices she would make, the family she might create and the transformation all these aspects of life would bring to her, to us and to our wider community.

The birth of Jesus was prophesied many years earlier, but Mary and Joseph were in a position they couldn’t control. They hadn’t attended parenting classes…