Issue 1109 November 2023


SEE: Support, Encourage, Empower –Brian McCarthy:

A few years ago, at one of the lowest points of my adult life, I was sitting at home when I received a phone call from a pastor from the town where I live. She said, “Brian, I know this is going to sound crazy. I think God has asked me to invite you to

come to the Global Leadership Summit which is being held at our church. Would you do me a favour and not tell anyone you are a guest, as they are all paying quite a lot of money to be present. Oh and bring someone with you.”

Wow! what do you say to that? Of course I said yes. At the time I was off work very ill, and my self confidence was at a real low point. I contacted CPA Regional Co-ordinator Mike Quinnell, who had supported and mentored me for years, and we went along, not really knowing what we were going to find…